Last weekend my aunt and uncle came for the weekend, which is always nice. I did all the cleaning up, cooking, and such that a weekend visit entails. Luckily this time mom and sis chipped in quite a bit with the cleaning so it wasn’t all on me. 🙂

This weekend I’ve got my aunt and cousin coming up so today and tomorrow is running around cleaning up, shopping, etc.

Whenever the family comes up I make one big meal. Last week it was Chicken Florentine which turned out great. I had experimented a bit by frying the spinach in olive oil and fresh garlic before putting on the chicken and in the oven that turned out good and that’s how I’ll cook it every time from now on.

This weekend it will probably be meatloaf and mashed potatoes since I bought a 10lb bag of potatoes and haven’t used any yet.

Other than that I’ve been chauffeuring mom and sis back and fourth to doctors appointments and such which is pretty much the norm for me. Next week, mom is seeing an eye surgeon that we’re hopeful will  do the cataract surgery under her insurance.

I’ve been pretty quiet recently since all summer was work, doctor appointment, work, rinse, and repeat. 🙂 How was everyone’s summer? It’s too bad that summer is gone but I do enjoy the breezy fall days.