1&1 is the worst online company I have ever had to deal with. The sad part of it is I already knew this and still signed up a for another hosting account with them. It all started with me wanting to conserve some resources on the VPS where I host my DJ Forum. Figuring I’d move my blog (bandwidth eater), parked domains, and a few other sites to an another host so I decided to start a new hosting account with DreamHost for this purpose. I’ve had history with DreamHost too but overall they’re a decent host and work with their customers.

Long story short I had issues with DreamHost it took them over a week to get my domain email working properly, I was getting frustrated so two days ago I opened a new hosting account with 1&1 at an introductory price. This hosting plan was supposed to be an upgrade to my current account where I have about 50 domains registered. Here’s where the first thing went wrong, they added a new contract to my account instead of upgrading my current contract. Okay no problem so I’ll just add the domains as additional hosted domains since they’re already registered at 1and1. The hosting plan came with 100 “add-on” domains, these are domains that are registered elsewhere but hosted at 1and1. I go to add the first domain registered at 1and1 that I want to host on another 1and1 contract under the same customer number (confused yet? Yeah that’s 1&1’s plan all along.) Their control panel won’t let me select host as additional domain it will only let me move it to the new hosting package. Okay that’s fine since I plan on keeping both contracts active. I select move it to this package, now I’m hit with a little check box that I have to check “I understand that my credit card will be charged for this item”. Huh? Wait..What? I already own the domain, why would you charge me to move it? No other registrar does that. Apparently 1&1 wants to charge me a full year’s registration fee to move the domain to another account I own and then not extend the domain’s expiration date by another year. What the fuck? in plain English. So, I cancel that.

Two letters to their “support” department trying to get them to merge the two contracts goes on unanswered. A third letter demanding cancellation of the hosting package gets the standard canned response, directing me to go to cancel.1and1.com. I’ve been through this cancellation process before, it’s convoluted and deliberately confusing. Having been through this before it’s a breeze for the seasoned 1and1 run around professional. I select the hosting contract and hit cancel entire package. Please check your email for a confirmation link, okay I get the confirmation link click it. Easy enough right?

Nope I get your package will be canceled February 19, 2009. Huh? Now I realize to get the promotional price that I had to lock into a time commitment, 1 year. Not a problem but I’m well with their 90 day money back guarantee period it should of been deactivated and canceled on the spot. An email to support explaining the whole situation gets a canned response to contact the billing department. Which I just wrote, I’ll update when I get a response.

As I write this my bank account has been debited $6 on 4 separate occasions from 1&1. $6 dollars is their ghost charge, they charge it and then put the money back to confirm funds availability. Let’s not mention the fact that every other company on the planet only debits a few cents or at most $1 to confirm the card is chargeable. 1&1 has seen fit to confirm my card 4 times, thus tieing up $24 that I could be putting to good use else where like DreamHost.

If it weren’t for my VPS’s host name being tied into a domain registered with 1&1, I would take a hit and loose 50 domains and cancel my entire account with 1&1 they’re just plain bad business people.

Coming soon: A tutorial on canceling 1&1 products.

For the longest time I’ve ignored television news and turned to Google News for almost all of my news. Quite frankly, I’m tired of the fluff; a 5 minute segment on who the next American Idol is going to be is not and never will be news. Other than that my second complaint about media is everything is sensationalized and a majority of the focus is on negative pieces. The few positive stories that air are often squeezed in as the last segment.

My local newspaper’s website has a comments section on every article I frequently read through the comments. Today being Sunday there were a lot of fluff pieces such as local success stories and the like. Along with a cop stabbing and negative piece about a local hospital there were two positive stories one a about a local girl who grew up in a bad neighborhood and made something of herself, another congratulating a local police force for cleaning up gang a gang infested apartment complex.

Here’s the number of comments for each story:

Cop stabbing: 14 comments

Hospital: 9 Comments

Gang Cleanup: 2

Successful Girl: 0

What does that tell you? Is all the negativity being reported truly the media machine’s fault for publishing mostly the worst in people or are negative stories what people demand by reaction and viewer ship?

I tell you what I think; Even though a lot of people complain about the news people still like to know there are people more screwed up then themselves out there. This way people can sit on their little perch, gloat about how great they are, ruminate on how they would never do such a thing, where things went wrong, and judge others. You know the old saying “Sex Sells”? Today it’s “Sex, Violence, and Negativity sell.”

Hi All,

Welcome to my new blog. I decided to put a free domain purchase to good use and finally jump into a .com, while this isn’t the name I really wanted (bigdan.com), bigdanee.com will have to do. 🙂 My old blog is now redirected here so you should have found me easily, the old posts are archived until I get some time to sort through them and copy/paste them.

Please excuse the mess while I get things setup and write new pages.