Talking To Myself

This is probably one of those “only Dan” things. Coming home from Liberty today a Sheriff got behind me somewheres on Lake Street and was following me. I hate driving with a cop behind me. It makes me all nervous and bound to do something stupid like go over the yellow line or something else and give them a reason to pull me over. He’s follows me all the way into the 30 MPH zone in Swan Lake. I signaled and pulled off into the parking area by the lake figuring he’d just pass me and keep going.

What does the Sheriff do? He pulls up on that little side road that they hide in to catch speeders coming the other direction. Now he’s facing me and probably wondering what I’m up to.

What do I do? I pulled my phone off its’ mount and pretended to make a phone call then put the phone to my ear and talked to myself for a couple minutes so it didn’t look like I pulled over just because he was behind me.

Only me. 😀


  1. Even though I was a Peace Officer for 27 years, and still drive an emergency services vehicle, I know the feeling. It must be pretty common. Good call on the cell phone, you’re a fast thinker. Maybe you’re lucky he wasn’t a lip reader!

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