Aside from all the self promotion/aggrandizing ‘look at me’ drivel, I  spend considerably more time trying to shorten my message while keeping it comprehensible then forming the thought for the tweet.

Twitter debuted before smart phones, when you paid per text message, and mobile data connections were very expensive. The 140 character limit is there so people can Tweet via text message. To this day text messages are still limited to 160 characters. Twitter reserved the extra 20 characters for user names.  Today, depending on what network you’re on smartphones generally send a big chunks of text either via MMS, or they’re automatically split up into several SMS messages and automatically put back together on the receiving party’s phone.

In the modern world pretty much anyone interested in using Twitter more than likely has a smart phone with the Twitter app. I’d like to see the stats but my guess is SMS tweeting is used relatively rarely outside of tech-starved countries. The only reason I could see for a North American or European user to Tweet via SMS is if they have run out of data or to save the minuscule amount of data loading up their Twitter feed uses.

Let the people stuck using SMS with feature phones be limited by their phone’s limitations. For the rest of us do away with the character cap or at least make it more generous.

Then again if you take away the character cap what do you have left? Essentially, a stripped down version of Facebook statuses.

This is probably one of those “only Dan” things. Coming home from Liberty today a Sheriff got behind me somewheres on Lake Street and was following me. I hate driving with a cop behind me. It makes me all nervous and bound to do something stupid like go over the yellow line or something else and give them a reason to pull me over. He’s follows me all the way into the 30 MPH zone in Swan Lake. I signaled and pulled off into the parking area by the lake figuring he’d just pass me and keep going.

What does the Sheriff do? He pulls up on that little side road that they hide in to catch speeders coming the other direction. Now he’s facing me and probably wondering what I’m up to.

What do I do? I pulled my phone off its’ mount and pretended to make a phone call then put the phone to my ear and talked to myself for a couple minutes so it didn’t look like I pulled over just because he was behind me.

Only me. 😀

…and steeper discounts for 100+ domains.

I got an invite to Google Domains (as in Domain registry). I have a few invites if anyone is interested. Thoughts on Google domains coming later.

As as test, I transferred a domain due to expire out of NameCheap. When NC asked for feedback I said you only offer promos for new customers not your existing customers; Which is true. You’ll get a promo to transfer in but I’ve never seen an offer of any kind on renewals.

namecheapThis evening I got a reply back from a NameCheap “concierge” that basically said because I have more than 50 domains registered with them I’m eligible for special pricing on new regs, renewals, transfers, and discounts on WHOIS privacy. This promotion will automatically be applied to any future shopping carts.

That’s cool and all but I’ve had over 50 domains with NameCheap for quite a while. In fact, NameCheap became my only registrar early last year. I dropped GoDaddy, DreamHost, and a few other stragglers because overall NC has decent pricing, no constant and ridiculous upsells (ahem, GoDaddy), and their control panel is easy to use.

I replied back to the concierge asking how am I do know to ask for the discounts if it’s not publicized. We’ll see what their response is. I think it’s silly. At the very least a concierge should reach out and offer the discount when you hit 50 domains. It might, I don’t know, make you feel like a valued customer. That has to be better than waiting until you balk at the lack of discounts.